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There are 4 Alien Hooligans! You can find their bios below! Do not be fooled by their cuteness... these are the real Space Bandits! Currently listed as "The Most Wanted" by the Galactic Police Force.

Nanny: He is the star of the bunch, mainly due to the fact that he has been used in more games then other guys! One might think that Nanny is also an egomaniac and self centered but that is not the case. He is a gentle alien with many hobbies, including: Tennis, Sky Diving, and his favorite... Dancing!


Tina: She is the most sensitive and loving of the 4! She loves to take care of the other 3 boys. Even though she denies any connection to Nanny, we think they are madly in love and have been known to disappear together for hours at a time, attempting to convince everyone else that they go to meditate and raise their vibration. Her hobbies include: Crystals, Dancing, Cooking, and Bowling!


Chief: He is the oldest and wisest. Many come to him for help, although he claims to help them from his own knowledge and experience we have caught him many times trying to Google the answers for his visitors. It has been said that Chief can levitate while humming an alien affirmation, but we have never seen any of this. He actually has both eyes, but likes to wear the patch to look more dangerous then he really is, he does take it off when wearing glasses...


Marcus: He is the true warrior, with tremendous strength Marcus has been known to battle hundreds all by himself. When not fighting, his favorite thing is to garden. He loves to eat healthy organic foods so that turned into a real full time hobby and passion.


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